Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars Original Computer Game Soundtrack

by Digital Eel's Nightmare Band

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In the computer game, Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars, the player acts as captain of a starship, and eventually, a flotilla of starships, exploring a strange, little known region of the galaxy called the Purple Void...

This is the official, original soundtrack compilation from Sea of Stars featuring the music of UK composer, Edwin Sykes. Also included is a collection of loops and other sounds from the game.

"Sea of Stars Suite" is comprised of Edwin Sykes' fully-orchestrated theme music, exploration music and combat music. "Sea of Stars: Alien Space" is a medley of musical and ambient loops that play when encounters, discoveries and other events occur in the game.


released July 3, 2015

Sea of Stars Suite is composed and performed by Edwin Sykes and is copyright 2014-2015 by Edwin Sykes

Additional music, loops and sounds composed, performed and assembled by Rich Carlson - Sea of Stars: Alien Space is copyright 2015 by Rich Carlson

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