Subliminal Destruction Mix

from by Digital Eel



Assortment #2 of music tracks originally created for Data Jammers: FastForward.


from Data Jammers: FastForward Tracks, released October 31, 2011
Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom: Bill "Phosphorous" Sears
Art: Bill "Phosphorous" Sears & Iikka Keränen

Data Jammers: FastForward Tracks is a Mystery Kitchen/Nightmare Band Production

Data Jammers: FastForward is a continuously moving three dimensional driving and destruction game set within a retro wireframe world of impossible race tracks. Prowl twisting bitstreams amidst bizarre geometrical environments enhanced by otherworldly soundscapes as your nimble avatar encounters more dangerous denizens, hazards and boss guardians along the way!

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Data Jammers: FastForward was created by Digital Eel

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